Drupal Roadmap, Proposal

This is a summarised and ordered version of the thread on drupal.org "battle plans". - Usability improvements [Dries, Chris Johnson]
- Change all browser-visible references to "node" to something that might make sense to someone who is not a computer geek. [Chris Johnson]
- Create a node zero feature that allows to create a custom node to be displayed to someone who visits and has no other access at all. [Chris Johnson]
- Make it possible to rename things like nodes and blogs without incurring the high overhead that locale.module incurs to do so. [Chris Johnson]
- Core (modules) - Theme system improvements. [MegaGrunt, adrian] - apart from my phptemplate based theme for 4.4.0 , i want to enable drupal to use generic templating engines (ex: smarty, xtemplate, php templates and phptal) without any problem, as well as syndication of themes/templates using the install subsystem. [adrian] - Extend xTemplate to make it possible to customised sections of a site through multiple CSS style-sheets. [MegaGrunt] - Profile module improvements [Dries, adrian]
- make the new profile module adapt to user->user relationships [adrian]
- integrate buddylist module [Adrian]
- Forum module improvements [Dries] - Aggregator module improvements [Dries] - User system imporovements [javanaut] - Have user_access() take an additional optional parameter of which uid to compare against the given access type. [javanaut] - Navigation or Configurable menus [Dries, anarcat, Bèr, JonBob]
- order the _link() hooks [anarcat]
- getting a unified navigation method into drupal. [Bèr]
- Get some other navigation methods deprecated by The One Navigation [Bèr]
- Make menusystem be able to be presented in different ways by the theme [JonBob]
- Internationalisation [matteo, Bèr, jareyero, Jose A Reyero] - Combine l18n, translate_node and localisation [matteo, Bèr, Jose A Reyero]
- improving translate_node.module [Bèr]
- Vocabulary and term I18n (terms and vocabularies are translated in locale) [matteo]
- Extend it to have any table translated, not only the node table [jareyero, Jose A Reyero] - Permission System [JonBob]
- Node based access [Chris Johnson]
- Multiple roles per user [irwin] - User-defined custom groups [irwin]
- Simple per-node privacy control [irwin]
- Search Improvements [davidm]
- Taxonomy search [davidm]
- Attachements/files [nedjo] - Get image handling and display into the core for 4.5, a priority mentioned by others. [nedjo] - Filter system improvements [matteo]
- Node type filtering (more than one node type can be specified as a filter) [matteo]
- Introduce Locking [Jeremy@kerneltrap.org] - Install System. Which will hopefully be used to install the base system, contrib modules and possibly even themes by the next version [adrian] -
- Wizard system , for creating multi page submissions .. to be primarily used in the Install system [adrian]
- Make drupal more fault tolerant, for example allowing it to start up completely without needing a database connection.[adrian]
- Multisite configuration patch .. atleast pushing for it to be made through, as this opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for the install system [adrian]
- Reimplement, create and upgrade contributed modules [TheLibrarian, JonBob, eap1935, javanaut] -
- bibliography.module [TheLibrarian]
- importpage.module [TheLibrarian]
- pdfview.module [TheLibrarian]
- htmltidy.module [TheLibrarian]
- thumb modules [eap1935]
- extending and promoting flexinode.module [JonBob]
- Get the mailhandler module to handle attachments in a more elegant way [javanaut]
- Finishing Movable Type import script [Junyor]
- Possibly creating a Blogger import script [Junyor]
- Cleaning up comment validation and saving in comment.module [Junyor]
- User Accounts stored in LDAP [tfiske]
- Reimplement and upgrade contributed themes [javanaut, kika] -
- Dtheme [javanaut]
- improving core themes and adding additional CSS files for Chameleon theme [kika]
- Various -
- raising a drupal website with the ecommerce module to let people bid for new functionality [bertboerland]
- Reimplementing hooks [Jose A Reyero]
- Drupal.org improvements [kika, Junyor]
- help re-architecting Drupal.org site (track the project "Drupal.org maintenance") [kika]
- improve visual presentation, usability and accessibility on everything Drupal [kika]
- Help with documentation updates [Junyor]

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