Why i hate Linux

Ãnd why I love it too.

Trying to install hardware is still very painfull on Linux. Lots has improved, but lots of thing still need to be done. But hey: There is a solution for everything. ON the net. So setting up or modifying anything can be done by googling, downloading, readimg some info etc. The problem however starts when you have to install network stuff: hardware like modems or network cards. Simply because you cannot search the web if you dont have access. And the access was the thing you were trying to install after all. Arrgghh.

I had this problem. It seems to be solved no, so I probably will not run into too much trouble anymore. But before this: I digged up some old floppys and ran across the street, to fetch the proper drivers. Good info on winmodems at , because most people will have a winmodem somewhere. Otherwise ask your friends. Surely someone has one.

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