I am Bèr Kessels, a freelance webdeveloper, I focus on development and marketing of cutting edge websites and applications, with Open Source technology. I live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and work from my office or at my clients place.

My handle on most networks is berkes.

My broad interest allows me to take many different factors, different users, and various stakeholders into account when developing a project. It also enables me to give lead to various teams, or to work within such teams. My huge passion for Open Source, makes that I am well known to the newest, cutting edge, technologies, systems and tools out there. And that I can estimate when such technologies can be used most effectively.

With over 14 years of webdevelopment-experience, in various projects, ranging from enormous applications at large enterprise- and media corporations, to small blogs for family and friends, I can estimate projects and their risks very well. This experience, together with a large array of (self built) tools and methodologies, make me an efficient developer.

I mostly work with Ruby on Rails. A professional, Open Source platform which powers enormous (e.g. Twitter.com) and tiny applications. With, obviously, a very large and knowledgeable community behind it. But I also have a lot of experience with alternative tools and systems, which make me a good candidate to help find or apply the best technology for your project.

My passion for technology extends to presentations as well. I have presented on many conferences and meetings, for large and small audiences. As workshop, lecture or even training. If you are looking for speakers, please don't hesitate to ask me, I'd love to present about cool technology.


You can contact me about work by email or phone (+31)(0)629075065.


This is my personal and corporate blog. You will find thoughts, opinions, manuals and nice findings on this blog. The archives go back as far as 2001. Opinions change, ideas shift, so don't take anything too serious, here.