I am Bèr Kessels, a freelance software developer, I focus on development and marketing of cutting edge websites and applications, with Open Source technology.

My handle on most networks is berkes.

I currently write software to automate administration and streamline bookkeeping for small businesses. Modern, opinionated and optimized.

My broad interest and decades of experience in software development, allows me to take many factors, users, current and upcoming tech, and all stakeholders into account when developing software. It also enables me to give lead to various teams, or to work within such teams.

I have deep and practical experience with many languages, frameworks and architectures, with old and new tools and systems. This allows me to select and apply the best technology for your project and needs.

My passion for technology extends to presentations as well. I have presented on many conferences and meetings, for large and small audiences. I am available to host presentations or workshops.


You can contact me by email or phone (+31)(0)629075065.


This is my personal and corporate blog. You will find thoughts, opinions, manuals and nice findings on this blog. The archives go back as far as 2001. Opinions change, ideas shift, so don’t take anything too serious, here.