Starting a new track

Let me introduce my self. My name is Pepijn van Zoest, I live and work in Amsterdam. For years I was a set designer with a theatergroup calles Dogtroep. In 1998 two of my dear friend died. I started to reconsider my life and got drawn to websites. To me a website is a small flat theater. I know html and css but by now I need more powerful tools to make websites. So I started a new project. Here are the people involved:

Aart van Zoest He is my father and together we made Ergosum. This was one of my first sites and by now it needs some serious upgrading. My father writes serious stuff but also fun stories, he will sart delivering the main content.

Bèr Kessels I found Drupal and got in contact with Bèr. He is going to help me with all that mysterious coding. Php, mysql, configuring the account. I am sure he can teach me a lot about communities and maintenance.

Adian Walton Smith Old friend of mine, specialeffectsman and now also into websites. He will help with getting the layout and design to a professional level. You should see what he has done:

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