EK vs EP

I don’t get. Just don’t. Europe has started thursday for four days of elections for the European parliament. Tomorrow Europe will also start the European football (soccer) championships. No problem so far. But here it comes: Everybody is talking about the soccer, all news cover only soccer, in most of the coutries of europe the talk is only about soccer.

Why? I ask you: why? Is it nationalism? The best nationalists would be try make sure their country gets a good vote in the EP, not whether their soccer club wins. Because the last they cannot do, unless they are one of the eleven players. The first can be achieved by one press on a button, or a pencilstroke.

But I think I know why. Elections cannot be marketed, they cannot be made into money.Soccer can. Because every company wants to benefit as mouch as possible they try to hype it as much as possible. Result: Soccer - EP: 1-0. Reality - entertainment: 1-0.

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