Getting started

How to get started working with four different people handeling four different disciplines? We are all looking at each other and think, now what? I started to write down what I would like to see. I make a design with pen and paper of what pages should look like and what should be on them. I stick them all on my wall and create a paper version of the site structure.

This I showed to Aart. Together we discussed this structure and tuned it. Aart has no idea of the technical side of websites. But he does know how people read text.

From this schematic structure of the site I try to write down instructions for Adrian and Ber. Ber made a nice workflow overview. In return I made a list with all kinds of questions about Drupal.

The next thing is to setup a test. And then all have a look at it. I would like to go life directly. The previous site ergosum also kept changing. And Aart can start writing his weblog.

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