The Nymfaeum Press project has started. Technicaly we are up in the air. But it looks like nothing, there is no content. There is hardly a plan for the technical posibilities of Drupal

Monday we are going to come together, the team that will work at this site. That, I hope, will be best, since it is extreemly hard to get everyone’s wishes and desires sorted out in a workable way.

Somehow everybody is waiting for the other. Ber wants specific questions regarding very technical things. Aart is waiting for a working account so he can start at least a weblog. Adrian wants to know how big the logo has to be, what colorscheme’s we want.

So this is why getting together might helps us. Writingout all the details is usefull, but sometime you have to sit together and talk.

Now it is time to give Aart his first lesson ‘how to use the weblog’. Mind you, our team consist of age range: 25, 44, 50 and 72!

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