Firefox 0.9 out

The standalone browser firefox was released last week. Of course I updatedan I must say that I am quite happy, untill today.

I updated someones Windows installation of firefox, and it was much easier there, than on my linux box.

Overall: the surfspeed is faster, pages load quicker and the browser runs more efficient and on a slow box this makes a lot of difference!

However, the biggest problem I ran into on my local box is the fact that my mozffremote script did not work anymore.

If you load a url, the script looks for an existing firefox window. and if found: it opens a new tab with the requested page in it using the -remote options . This worked perfectly for me in firefox 0.8. But not 0.9.
Luckily the mozilla forums offered a solution.So I ended up with a nice working little bash script:, that does all the magic.<pre>#! /bin/bash#if pgrep -u id -un “firefox-bin” > /dev/null ; then if [ -z “$1” ]; then /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox-0.8/firefox -a firefox -remote “xfeDoCommand (openBrowser)” & else /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox-0.8/firefox -a firefox -remote “openURL($1, new-tab)” & fielse /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox-0.8/firefox $1fi</pre>

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