Mozilla Usage Doubles in 9 Months

On Slashdot I read : "Thanks to the success of Firefox, Mozilla now appears to have 14.9% of the browser share, double that of 9 months ago. Let this be a lesson in complacency.".
But, bear in mind that w3schools has a big amount of developers as userbase, so the stats might not at all be correct.

OneStat publishes more general statistics in their press releases. The latest one gave the following figures:

May  28 2004 1.  Microsoft IE 6.0  69.3%2. Microsoft IE 5.5 12.9%3. Microsoft IE 5.0 10.8%4. Mozilla 2.1%5. Opera 7.0 1.02%6. Microsoft IE 4.0 0.6%7. Safari 0.71%

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