Inverse Logic

Another proof that scientist should get their heads together ans start thinking. Thinking in a practical way I mean. Earlier, there were those investigations about smoking mariuhana, in the Nehterlands: the outcome was that people who smoked it, were more often depressed. “Mariuhana makes people depressed” was theheadline. But who says it is not “Depressed people smoke Marihuana”? So blogging is unhealthy they say at New Scientist. Or actually “Keeping a diary is bad for your health”. Doh. much more sense would make “Unhealthy people keep diaries more often”. Weblogging is not bad for your health, but people who keeps weblogs are often computerworkers, and thus often unhealthier than for example the mailman. And so is it for people who keep a personal diary: it is not those who are happyhapyjoyjoy people who keep diaries, it is often those who are going trough dark times who do. Silly scientist, that they cannot see that, when even I can (and Bèr smiles cynical).

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