Drupal Support channel

Alright. I admit.
Drupal search sucks.
But that does not mean mean that you should not try to at least look around on the forums.

Since a few days #drupal-support irc channel is running on irc.freenode.net. A support channel, mainly meant to bounce the never ending silly questions on #drupal.

As drumm admitted he does not have time for this,
<pre>[00:26:46] - –Gebruiker drumm [~drumm@h-67-100-116-156.snvacaid.covad.net] neemt deel aan kanaal #drupal-support [00:29:48] <drumm>yep, there are people here [00:30:06] <drumm>realistically I won’t have time for this [00:30:29] - –drumm heeft het gesprek verlaten (“need coffee and air conditioning…”).</pre>And I am seriously doubting if I am ever willing to spend my time on this too.
I mean:<pre>[23:06:41] <xxxxx>does drupal support nice url’s without the node number being in the url?</pre>NOw, Sorry! but you don’t even need to search to find out if this is the case…..

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