The Greatest Dutchmen ever.

…or: Why media should not try to write history.

Last week the dutch national televsion organised a grand voting for “ the greatest Dutchmen ever”. The winner is the ultra rightwinged, but killed Pim Fortuyn. Or not. No, in fact he was not the greatest. First of all why he was votest #1:He got the most registered votes (over telephone and SMS). But people always remember things that have happened recently the best. So they remember some arrogant, rightwinged gay poltician, who never made it into politics, because he was shot, best. As hero. They forget that he never got to show an heroism. Next why he did not win: The computers could not handle the great amount of votes. The computers are the fault? No, of course not, computers were installed wrong. Not enough capacity etc. According to all the votes that could only be regsitered afterwards, The founding father of the Netherlands Willem van Oranje, is the greatest Dutchman ever. I am hapy to be able to say that Dutchies are not yet completely retarded, and still have some sense, to not vte some rightwinged fool who never really did anything but nag about politics and politicians.

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