The gimp splash screen contest

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there are better ones, but i find thies one the funniest.

Today the pre-release of the gimp 2.2 was announced. And with that contest for a new splash screen was opened.The gimp is a full featured alternative for any other photo manipulation progams. Its one you don’t need to shop for, because its free. But its not only free, in fact it free and great. Some people might argue with me that it is not as good as photoshop, but I always say: you should try the gimp for a few months. After all: you have been using photoshop for at least months too. No, serious. There are some features that photoshop does better. Stuff like prepress-manipulation. preparing the document for the press. But for digital images, the gimp will win on most fronts. And not only in plugins and features will it win, but also in speed, size and memory consumation. The gimp performs very well on a two year old PC, but photoshop will probably not even run on that.

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