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Because of some reason webdesigners seem to have no cluen about the power of CSS when it comes to printing. I was pointed to this fact once aghain, by a blog entry on Karl Jonsson’s Weblog� Creative Commons “Bug”> What is the reason for this bug? Surely, I cannot be the first person to notice it? I actually like reading on screens (especially that of my PDA) so I rarely print anything. I did notice the bug when I first applied a CC license to my blog and changed it by hand (see top right) but the severity of the problem only just struck me.

The solution would be to add some well-formed CSS to your CC button:(see print-preview and note that additional text will show up)<div id="ccwrapper">Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Read the licence here:</div>in the HEAD <pre><style type="text/css" media="screen"> #ccprint {visibility:hidden;} #ccwrapper {border: 1px solid #bdca00;}</style></pre>And in the licence HTML<pre><span id="ccprint">Read the licence here:</span></pre>Everything in the span tag will be hidden on screens, and shown on other media.

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