Nuke to Drupal Theme conversion: Prepare images

Now I will convert all the images into useable snippets. One requirement of mine is that I use PNG, because of itw power. Another requirement is that we use CSS everywhere, so images should be useable as background patterns etc.

Convert gif to png

I use the commandline tool gif2png To convert all image files at once. Using the following command will convert all Gifs into optimised png files.

$ find -name '*gif' -exec gif2png -pdOv {} \;

Reorganising the images

I created several directories to hold the new files: res/images/ (all the layout images) res/icons/ (all the categrory images and icons) res/logos/ (logos and titles) re/unused/ (items such as the image buttons)

Image only tabs

One requirement was to replace the images-buttons with HTML and CSS buttons, so I move all these image tabs into “unused”. Later on we still need these to create sliding-doors tabs, but more about that later.

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