KMail 1.8 addressbook kopete and kde 3.4 intergate!

And how nice they integrate!My contactlist in kopete, for jabber, msn, irc, icq, aim and what more now integrate very nicely into my addressbook. I can insert pictures in that addressbook by hand, or have them automatically found from the users weblog or feed!And whats more: all of them support images. So I now can look at who’s who.

I will see the picture of the person in the email. The senders online status shows up in my emails.<div class="image"> Pictures in kopete <div class="caption">Kopete will now use pictures from your addressbook.</div></div>And last but not least (nothing to do with contacts: a spam meter shows up). All in all a nice set of features, that show the power of KDE: integration.

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