Stats show Mozilla leads.

As of the first of may, I installed webalizer on the webschuur servers, which host about ten sites. I did this, to get access to mored detailed statistics then Drupal can (and should) offer.

However, last weeks log shows an interesting fact: visitors of my hosted sites mostly use firefox.

On a total of 27117 hits, the ranking is as follows 1 39.35% Mozilla/5.0 2 16.69% MSIE 6.0 3 11.75% Konqueror/3.4

The number three, ended up so high, only because it is the browser I use. and since i have been working a lot on my sites last week that shows the high ranking. Off course the rather technical community in which i work, explains this, but still, (Mozilla) firefox being used by over double the amount of users with IE 6 surprises me.

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