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With all respect to the great work at firefox, the software still sucks. And I am not referring to how pages are rendered, or how some pages or plugins break. That is a problem at the side of the webdevelopers, not the browser developers. No, I mean features. Firefox wants to do far too much, and with that, it completely breaks my system administration and my desktop experience. Because of all this, I firmly stick to Konqueror. And I suggest to all Mac users, that they stick to Safari. If IE did not suck that hard with regards to security, and broken CSS rendering, I would suggest all windows users to use IE. Having your native dialogs should be enough reason already to stick to these browsers.

The upgrade hell: I run ubuntu, a linux distro that is perfectly capable of keeping its software up-to-date. From what I have see, I assume newer windows versions have quite good software updaters available, too. And Macintosh has something like this too. So please, leave the software management where it belongs: in the operating system or distribution. But because I now have an updater-in-an-updater, it breaks. Firefox is broken -again- because my software updated it, but firefox does not like it. It wants to do its own updating. Then these silly profiles. I have not yet seen anyone using it. Again, every modern OS and distro is perfectly capable of handling multiple users. Why would i want users-in-users? I mean, profiles are nice for when you do the very complex browsing, and you want sometimes certain extensions loaded, and sometimes not. But that is so advanced, I doubt it will even be used often, when available as extension. So, please Firefoxers, slim the browser down, by leaving the work where it should be done, in the operating system or in extensions!

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