Linode: first impression

While I write this, my first VPS is booting up. Well, not my fist, but the first linode I work on. Tim bates opened an account at linode, because I adviced him to have a look at how a dedicated host would aid his ideas of a virtual site Drupal platform (a Drupal news site for all). But a dedicated host is by far too expensive to just go and play with. So Testing if your ideas are correct is best done on a VPS. And after experiencing a LOT of bad things with Lycos (webschuur is there :() I adviced him to look at linode.

My first impression is great: Excellence in simplicity. It all works [TM] I just simply changed from centos to debian, which is just a personql preference, and it all works like a breeze. By now it is surely booted, so I can get back to work. Soon more on the actual stability and scalability of

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