Multisite: where to put what: files and directory layout

For our new multisite environement we are buidling, I need to get the initial set up correctly done. We work wit vhosts, so that dicatates very much how and where the files and repositories aer located. ## Drupal Root Obviously Drupal itself is located in /var/www/drupal, owned by root. Safe, and secure. It is a cvs checkout, so that in future we can track patches and so against drupals latest stable.## Drupal Contributions I prefer to track all repositories in CVS too. Later we will move them into our own SVN, but the repository itself is located in /usr/share/drupal/_It is an anonymous checkout, so that we cannot accidentally commit. It is owned by root too.## /sites and its siblings And here is the magic /istes settings. This too, is not hard at all/hosting/ /hosting/ might become writable by ‘’ user. But at the moment of writing, this is not yet decided upon.sites is a simlink from drupal root: _/var/www/sites -> /hosting## site specific contributed modules and themes All sites can have three sorts of modules and theme: core, contributed and custom.

Custom modules live in /hosting/ or themes/.

Contributed modules are symlinks, for example /hosting/ -> /usr/share/drupal/modules/tagadlic.

Core modules live in /var/www/drupal/modules/.

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