Druby on Rails (part -1)

So, please don’t get me wrong (it appears to quite some people did get me wrong)

  • I never intended to make a drupal in RoR.
  • I never intended to make a drupal that is a RoR clone
  • I do not have plans for any of these
  • I never want to say one is better then the other. They are different. I cannot yet speak for RoR, but nothing is perfect. Drupal is not perfect. Druby on rails just binds some ideas I have about Drupal. How to make it closer to perfect.

However, I do have plans for (or actually, working on it already) for a distro that:

  • Is developer friendly. Developer centric
  • Allows developers to make it fully end-userfriendly with minimal efforts
  • Has some good ideas from RoR built in

That is all!

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