Druby on rails, gaining momentum.

When I started this set of Druby blogs, more as a ‘note to myself’, just to put down my thoughts I had, it seems. Today I spoke to a Ruby on Rails developer, who told me he had the same ideas, yet seen from the other side. While my posts till now are all about how we can get Drupal to be more developer-friendly, and easier to develop on top of, he thinks of developing a “ CMS system similar to drupal, however (his).. will be using object orientation and rails to structure the code.

Ill be monitoring that closely, for I think that a system with nodes, modules and themes, built in RoR has a very good chance of becoming a leader in CMS land. As long as it honours the best of the worlds, that is. The mayor cool-feature of Drupal (alike systems) is that you can grab it, and it works. You can grab extentions. they work. Designs, blam, they work. That is truly standing on top of giants shoulders.

The good thing of RoR on the other had, is the minimalstic coding, needed. the rich feature sets for developers and the very consistent well thought out architecture. The bad part of Drupal (alikes) is that they toss along a lot of history. While Drupal is not fearfull of trowing out old stuff, or introducing features that completely break everything, there is still a lot of cruft.

The bad part of RoR is that you have to start all over again, all the time. I know there are libraries, extensions etc. And they are great, yet don’t really get close to an end user experience. Hence you will hardly see blogs powered by RoR, while you see a trazillion blogs and personal sites running Drupal.

Right on. I am very surprised by the momentum this all got. I never meant it to be this way, I just started this as a collection of thoughts. But its cool this way. collaboration, across languages, projects and environments is good. It is the best way to avoid CodingInbreed, so to say :)

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