please, on my knees I beg you. freeze me.

Two fellow planeteers talking about about the way 4.7 is rather defrosted, in a few hours time. Not a good sign. I am not going to.. not, not. no. well. I give in: yes. Drupal 4.7 release (only the release!!) is a (rather trivial) mistake till now. And yes. We all are just as guilty as anyone else! Probaly the ones seeing it (now) are even more guilty, because they (I) should have noticed it ealier.

But, can we now please, please please learn from all this and really feature freeze. As in: really? Not thisandthatisimportant. No really?I have a some reallyreallyreally (to me and acc. to the fuss and +1 to others too) issues in the queue, but I am holding them very much back. Slowing down development of them even, just because I am rather afraid that some Higher Drupal Power might get it in his or her mind to push it into 4.7.

Please? freeze?

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