«Drupal is for developers, or is it not?» Free quoted from tux mag.

In the latest tux magazine, you can read a letter sent in by someone called Alexander. He refers to a webpage that explains why Linux is not Windows, and why it cannot be that way.

The quote from that article, struck me as highly relevant to Drupal. Not only because the words Lego and Building blocks appear, but because it resembles exactly my thoughts about Drupal. I beleive (more and more), that Drupals “aim” to be the system powering “any” website (similarity: Linux on all desktops) is standing in the way of Drupal as a pure development platform. And obviously vice versa.> [The] current influx of Linux users has a large percentage of non-hobbyist non-hackers.

They want a computer that Just Works, a computer that works like Windows. They aren’t interested in spending time setting up Linux to make it work the way they want it, they want it to work like that out of the box.

And that’s perfectly okay, but from the typical Linux user’s perspective, this is like somebody who wants a Lego car that comes pre-assembled and glued together so it can’t come apart. It is alien to their understanding. The only way they can react is with a baffled, “Why would anybody want that?

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