Tagadelic for Drupal 5.0

Hi, you may have already been asked this numerous times, but I couldn’t find any mention on Drupal.org about the tagadelic module being updated for 5.0. Do you have any plans to do so?

Indeed this is asked several times. I have even marked two patches as ‘wontfix’ of people who were so nice as to port it for us!

Tagadelic is already ported to 5, codewise, just try HEAD. It is not released, and It wont be released until we (that can include you) have tested it well under 5.0 stable. Which is impossible, since Drupal 5 itself is not released.

Sorry if I am too strict, but I prefer to keep quality up but being strict about releases. I believe that there is one thing worse then no release: a broken release. And since I don’t yet run any production sites, I cannot really test the module!

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