Flexinode for 5.x roadmap.

I have been receiving quite some (aggressive and unkind) requests for flexinode. I don’t really mind if people are rude, I just hope these people understand that by being rude they actually reach the opposite of their goal: instead of me jumping up and fixing their problem, I’d think: well, if this is all I get for the effort, why bother. It strengthens my believe that Open Source is a scratch your own itch, selfish, concept.

In any case, I think its time for a short update on the status and plans. Flexinode for Drupal5 may never get to see the light, but then again, it may just as well get released very soon. Why so vague? First and for all: I am rather disappointed by the speed at which things were converted from Drupal 4.7 to 5.x, add to that, my philosophy to ‘never fix something that is not broken’ and there is no urge for me to develop and run any 5.x sites; yet.

So, in short, there is no itch to scratch for me in the flexinode 5.x area. This is the most important factor when it comes to upgrade and development for flexinode on 5.x.

As I illustrated above, I have no intend to upgrade flexinode just for fun, or because people are shouting at me to do so. The only reason for me would be, that somehow I can benefit from it, which, at this moment, I cannot. I am flooded in work, none of which is directly flexinode related, so I also cannot afford the idea “but you will benefit from it in future”. There will be a moment that I need flexinode on a 5.x site, this may be soon, but it may take months, it depends entirely on the projects I get offered. To conclude: I have no reason to run 5.x sites yet. I therefore have no flexinode running on a 5.x site. wich results in no work being done to port flexinode to 5.x. And unless someone jumps in and develops some good 5.x patches for flexinode, there will be no flexinode upgrade to 5.x.

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