FeVote test for tagadelic

I found a really nice tracking system, dedicated for feature request: FeVote. Since I’d like to try if it actually works as one would expect, I removed the ability to request features, on Tagadelics issuetracker. openend a project for it on FeVote. So: if you have requests for tagadelic, log in (openID) or register over there and add your request, or vote for existing ones. If it works, then I think I will use it for more (Drupal related) projects. The downside, I guess, is that people will start to expect a certain feature to appear, once it gains enough votes; which, obviously, may not happen. After all: development is not a democratic process. The upside is that I can gain insight into what people miss. Often one finds that very simple changes, make gazillion people happy; while large changes only appeal to the creator of that change.

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