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When creating a theme or design for your site, you should test your CSS designs on several browsers.

First thing, off course, is to make sure your CSS validates. Second thing is to make sure it renders good on Safari, Opera or Konqueror, for they are the only browsers that are truly standards compliant when it comes to CSS. The good thing is that these are available on Mac and Linux. But both do have problems with running Internet explorer. And as we all know, IE is not particularly good at rendering your well designed CSS properly. So you will need to test and debug your designs on IE, Then you can test your designs in Firefox, which is pretty good in standards-compliant-ness. When you are one of the pitiful people whom are forced to work in Windows, you can skip the Konqueror-or-safari part and go straight for Firefox, just make sure you know that Firefox is not 100% standards compliant; mostly because it is trying to emulate the silly bugs in IE.

Then, last, put on your Teflon-suit, make a cup of coffee, make sure there is someone at home to pat you on the back when you are about to collapse, emotionally. And fire up your site in Internet Explorer 6. And 7.

To do that on Mac, or Linux, you either should install the great IEs4linux (linux only) get yourself a windows licence (couple of hundreds bucks, so think twice) and a virtual machine, or use one of these great online services:

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