Developing on Drupal CVS HEAD

Most people develop and maintain their contributions in the last branch, effectively ignoring HEAD.

I have done just that for the last two releases, but chose to take the normal HEAD approach back again. The reason is simple: I don’t want my development snapshots to be used by people who are not developers. I hope I can bring down the amount of support and bug-reports and increase the amount of real patches this way. Obviously patches that apply and count only for a certain branch will be applied there. But I will try to keep HEASD as up-to-date as possible.

Modules affected are, for now, tagadelic, refine_by_taxo and sympal_theme. OTher may follow (provided I find time).

About the author: Bèr Kessels is an experienced webdeveloper with a great passion for technology and Open Source. A golden combination to implement that technology in a good and efficient way. Follow @berkes on Mastodon. Or read more about Bèr.