URL shortners roundabout

What happens when you post a shortened url in another shortener and in another one and in another one …. and in anohter one?it breaks. It worked dd 23:40 April 17th 2009. And it probably did, ‘cause you ended here…Url shorteneres are a disaster waiting to happen. Our DNS system is failing our current needss, kindof. And what do we do? We add a popular thing on top of it: url shorteners…some things to look out for in near future of the hype of shortners: Phishing, linkspammers, linkrot, (SQL, XSS) injections, CSRF, etceteras. How do you know? most probalby within near future one of belowmentioned urls will fail. And causing you to end at some vi@gra site or so. Untill then, it should lead you back to this page. * http://tinyurl.com/d8dj6z* http://kots.nu/rna58d* http://bit.ly/1gxmV* http://www.socuteurl.com/yumyumcooky* http://tr.im/j5cw* http://twurl.cc/sur* http://budurl.com/6xj5* http://is.gd/t1Gk* http://hex.io/nyr* http://eweri.com/HQjI pasted the shortened url into another shortner, pasted that result into the next one and so forth. Ten times. Feel free to add more shortners to the roundabout in the comments :)

Over de auteur: Bèr Kessels is een ervaren webdeveloper met een grote passie voor techniek en Open Source. Een gouden combinatie om de techniek goed en efficiënt toe te passen. Volg @berkes op Mastodon. Of lees meer over Bèr.