Mr. Igwe aangevallen voor uitgesproken Humanisme

Via Culture Kitchen kwam ik bij een erg schokkende gebeurtenis. In mijn eigen woorden en samengevat: Meneer Leo Igwe is volledig gemolesteerd door een groep Christenen uit een lokale kerk omdat hij Humanisme en atheïsme verdedigde. Daarom schreef ik onderstaande brief aan de in Nederland gevestigde ambassade voor Nigeria. For none-Duch speakers: you can modify belowmentioned letter and re-send it to the Nigerian ambassador based in your country. Find the names and addresses in this list.> Dear Proffessor Mary Lar,As ambassador for Nigeria in the Netherlands I write you on personal basis about a Nigerian issue I was pointed to, regarding one of the Nigerian citizens. My concern is an issue pointed to by a United States civilian Liza Sabatar, concerning mister Leo Igwe. More information on this issue can be found in the links pointing to several (local) African newswebsites on the article posted at: to several sources, mister Igwe was attacked by several Nigerian citizens, who were clearly not acting under any form of governmental protection, law, or other governmental organisation. As far as I can confirm from such a distance. From what I can read on the various local and international newsresources, mr Leo was attacked mostly for his ideas and his outspokeness on these ideas.

Quote: This unprovoked attack on Mr Igwe who was holding a lawful meeting as part of his IHEU duties was clearly designed to prevent him from exercising his right to express his views and is contrary to all accepted standards of civilised behaviour. On behalf of Mr Igwe and of IHEU, I ask you to take up this example of violent intolerance by people intent on denying free speech. I feel sure that you will agree that the physical attack on Mr Igwe is totally abhorrent in any modern society.

My personal questions therefore are: 1) are you aware of this issue in Nigeria? 2) if not, can you use your situation to clarify some of my questions? 3) how does the Nigerian government stand against such apparent religious attacks? Are there investigations instigated right now, and if so, by whom are they ran? 4) is it for me, as outspoken foreign atheïst and humanist safe to travel to Nigeria? 5) if this issue, somehow contradicts the law and culture in Nigeria, will you, as ambassador of Nigeria, raise this issue with your collegues at place? With kind regards, Bèr Kessels, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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