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Nathan Whitworth’s blog has come up as solution to many of my Zend-problems i came across. I consider him an expert on PHP development. Reading a post Drupal is Shit by him, made me think. Twice. > But Drupal is much more powerful than Wordpress! I can here the echoes of Drupal fans already and I’m not even going to try and disagree with them, I shall take it for granted; If you’re building “complex” websites then Drupal is more more suited to the job than Wordpress. Fine, I’ll accept that without a fight, but I will say this; if you’re building “complex” websites, then a solid MVC framework is far, far more powerful, flexible and scalable than Drupal ever will be.

Spot on! It is a pity that his post does not get more into the background issues. Stating that one look at the Drupal source and was instantly reduced to a quivering wreck..

Why? Wich parts stood out most? And how should we improve that? Is it just a matter of perspective? I too have seen many a project where there were more modules overriding 3rd party code and core then functional modules. What I mean is that every core module had at least one “ourproject_forum_hack.module” going with it. And those were actually quite well organised. Too many projects I saw could have been done in at least half the time, with probably less then 30% of the code, using a proper framework. So, I think I agree with Nathan, on the parts that there are better solutions for many problems that are solved with Drupal nowadays. But then again, Drupal is so much more then a piece of software. It is first and for all a large group of committed and nice people. They are Drupal too. And they are by no means “Shit”. What do you think? Is Drupal Shit? And why not? Is Nathan plain wrong, or does he have a strong point?EDIT (Woops, was looking up the amount of H in Nathan’s name, and then forgot to write it down in the title. Title changed.)

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