Getting Tagadelic ready for Drupal 7 (and on github, wohoo!)

In order to get tagadelic ready for D7, before the release, I copied the source into git. I also committed a few importand fixes and improvements to the Drupal-6 branch today, and merged them into HEAD (aka master). From now on, I want to focus on Drupal 7 stuff only: * Improvements and bugfixes for DRupal 6 will have to wait. * New features are all ignored. However: * Conceptual and infrastructual changes to the code, caching and so on, will get in, if they imrpove the Drupal 7 compatibility. * Important bugfixes and/or improvements that will make conversion to Drupal-7 easier will be looked at. So, if you have patches for Tagadelic that you feel should get into 7, or if you need Tagadelic on your Drupal 7 project, please chime in and post patches into the issuequeue (help in that queue, in the form of closing and testing is also very welcome!)And since it is now on Git: please fork the code! Forking is cool! Hack away on it, and present me your cool additions, if you feel they add something to the project.

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