Map capslock to escape in Ubuntu Linux

If you are a Vim user, you probably want the escape key more at hand. On Ubuntu (And probably every Gnome3 desktop) this is really very easy. It comes with point-and-click tools to map your key to about everything you can think of; and more. If you google this problem, you find all sorts of xmonad CLI commands. They work too, but this is far easier for the stupid Linux-user like me.

  1. Open System settings.
  2. Click Keyboard Layout. system settings

  3. Click Options. Keyboard Layout

  4. Under Capslock, choose whatever you want. Options

I chose switch Escape and Capslock. So that if I REALLY WANT TO SHOUT AT PEOPLE I STILL CAN! :). And it forces me to relearn the escape key.

Woodcut from Doré. Purely illustrative
Doré Woodcut. Its only function is to make the layout look better. And these images are really nice themselves
Sourcecode on Github

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