So, I am starting as Ruby Developer at Savvii

Monday (5th of JuliAugust) I am starting at the startup Savvii. To be part of the team that wants to bring you the very best WordPress hosting in the Netherlands.

I am going to develop the software for the back end: program the robots that do all the magic behind-the-scenes work.

Because I am a Ruby-developer, I’ll do this in Ruby. We needs some technical things like long-running threads and asynchronous workers and stuff, which makes Ruby (and Rails) one of the best candidates. I’ll be blogging more about the technical stuff on our yet-to-go-online blog. And probably here too.

WordPress, for those who are not too much into this stuff, is the most used, of the three most popular CMSes. It is the software behind many famous and popular websites and is commonly known as a Blogging-system, rather then a generic CMS.

WAT!? You be doing WordPress-development?

Probably a little, but my task is to get the back end-software running, which is building stuff like CRMs, billing gateways, provisioning APIs and whatnot. My fellow-programmer is the main PHP-and WordPress-developer. But I will certainly dive into WordPress now and again to make it play nicely with all the Ruby back ends.

But didn’t you say you hate WordPress, Drupal and all that other PHP-stuff?

Nope. Apparently a lot of people seem to think that I am “against” Drupal, WordPress or even PHP in general. On contrary: I like them a lot. And very often advise people to use this software for their websites.

I merely think that such CMSes have their place and cases, but are often abused in cases (and projects) where they fit poorly: the right tool for the job. Apparently many people read that as “haters gonna hate”. I don’t. Hate.

What about your own company?

I’ll be putting my all my focus on Savvii, on making it a great hoster. But I expect to go back to some small side-projects once we are moving. Not sure how it will combine, but time will learn. will continue to exist, albeit dormant for a while.

Savvii? WordPress hoster?

We are just starting, so all the details are still unclear. But in short, translated from the placeholder website:

Savvii is the new managed WordPress platform for the Netherlands. That means speed (caching, CDNs, tweaks), security (scans, free fixes, automatic updates) and service!

Savvii is part of the family of companies around bliXem internet, which is where I’ll be working. Yes, that is Nijmegen, so I can go to work on my bike.

I am really grateful to become part of such a good team and to be able to get the opportunity to help such a promising startup going!

Woodcut from Doré. Purely illustrative
Doré Woodcut. Its only function is to make the layout look better. And these images are really nice themselves

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